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When is Amazon Prime Day 2023? If you found Amazon's Spring Sale pleasantly useful for fulfilling your purchasing needs, then the upcoming Prime Day sale is the next level up, with previous years unlocking more than 50 per cent off everything from dumbells and laptops to beard trimmers and mattresses –and almost anything else you can think of for that matter.

But that laudable policy is increasingly a quiet voice in the howling wilderness. I stumbled across, for example, shouting proudly: Additionally, the volume of books in the marketplace has sky-rocketed, thanks again partly to technology empowering low-cost production and self-published titles. In an increasingly noisy – and lower quality – publishing environment, any way you can get avid readers to buy your book, instead of someone else's, will be worth pursuing. Reviews have largely become just another marketing tool, rather than any objective assessment of a writer's talent.

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$1 billion to help its struggling online book publishing business survive. The no need to ask one more question to answer. The for a while. The.-!



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